Sometimes Fear is you Catalyst for Opportunity

That voice in your head that keeps coming back and telling you what you cannot do…it’s time to silence it and get moving!

Psst…it’s me, the little voice in your head. I talk you out of things and let’s face it…I’m just so cool you have to listen. It’s time to silence that voice!

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve ever heard a client say “I can’t” I would be a trillionaire by now! Seriously, if that “so cool” voice in your head says it, we need to take it out back with a shovel, right now! I had this voice myself creating this very blog. The voice said, “you’re not a writer” (which wasn’t true, I’ve written lots of things including another blog!). It said, “no one’s going to read your blog” (again not true, in my first month of posting I had 350 readers sign up when my goal was 10!). You get the point…if I just said, “ok cool voice, you win!” I would not be writing this right now. We can’t give up on ourselves.

Instead of saying “I can’t” reframe it to “I won’t” or “I don’t want to” and see what happens. Is it true? If it’s not true, go do something, anything to shut up that damn voice and see what happens.

I like to use the example of Nike because their slogan says “Just do it.” Nike doesn’t say “Maybe you can’t do it,” “Don’t do it,” or “I’m not sure if you can do it.” Do the thing and silence the voice. Once you’ve taken that step, you can feel proud you went out of your comfort zone and took charge or those thoughts! Put them to rest and show yourself you are capable of taking the risks to discover there’s more out there you are missing! I know there are successful artists, entrepreneurs, and regular people out there who wouldn’t be where they are today without silencing that voice and showing the world the discovery of their true gifts.

I think you’ll surprise yourself with what you can do and that you are capable of far more than you think.




Life & Executive Business Coach, Therapist, and Entrepreneur who helps you design the life you want.☀️

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Amy Nolan

Amy Nolan

Life & Executive Business Coach, Therapist, and Entrepreneur who helps you design the life you want.☀️

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