Predictability vs. Spontaneity

  • Lower stress levels because you know what to expect and understand how to prepare for what is next.
  • Better health in the way of having a predictable routine of getting a decent night’s sleep, maybe eating the same healthy foods, and having movement in your schedule on the daily.
  • Feeling happier because, with predictability, you can create better boundaries from drama, and have a more balanced lifestyle that leaves you feeling content and satisfied.
  • A sense of comfort and control can be found in a predictable life because we can be comforted by our needs being met.
  • Efficiency can also be achieved by predictability because you already know how to plan for what’s next and have learned the best way to go about whatever you are doing.
  • Trusting your intuition can lead you to places you may not have gone if you followed a predictable path.
  • Discovery is usually found in unexpected places that fall outside of the predictable norm.
  • A sense of awe and wonder is around the corner of spontaneous moments.
  • New friendships can be made by visiting a new place or initiating spontaneous conversation.
  • Happiness can be found through the joy of the element of surprise.
  • Confidence can be gained as you test the boundaries outside of a predictable routine
  • Innovation can be found through thinking or taking paths “outside of the box”



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Amy Nolan

Amy Nolan

Life & Executive Business Coach, Therapist, and Entrepreneur who helps you design the life you want.☀️