Ever have that moment where your filter broke? This quote reminds us to keep an open mind to possibilities as we express our words.

I have to say there are times when I am surrounded by people on social who are quick to put an opinion out there without thinking and without an open mind. We all have those moments where our personal filters just stop working. Palm meets face…you know what I mean.

Sometimes our thoughts and words can become so strong in our mind we just need to let them out or we feel like we’ll explode! …

Are you hoping to be better? Stop that and just be better! Read this to gather new motivation to discover a better YOU.

Belief. Hope. Luck. This quote is all about what is in and out of our control. We all have that will inside of us to be better, but what holds us back?

We see it everywhere…the power of hope and the power of our belief. I believe that the power of our thoughts play a large role in how we pave our paths to our future. However, I also watch a lot of others who believe so…

Is it really about the time we don’t have or is it not understanding our priorities? Read to find out!

I laugh at this quote because it reminds me of the “old me.” The me that when someone would ask “how are you doing?,” I would respond quickly with “Busy.” Clearly, I had different priorities than listening.

Just reading that I cringe! It’s the same for the quote this week…I would run around like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland yelling how much time I don’t have. …

Let’s change our perspective and focus on what’s already right instead of looking at only what is wrong. It can be a game-changer!

It’s hard to look at what’s already right when all around just seems so wrong.

Our Reality:

It’s so easy to look at what isn’t working like a global pandemic we are exhausted of, economic collapse, remote learning, racial injustice, no childcare, no pants Wednesday, no pants Thursday…what day is it? This is sadly our reality these days. As a new mom again, but to twins this time around, I surely feel like I’m on another planet.

It’s time to prioritize your life! Learn to schedule priorities rather than following a to-do list. Take control of your calendar today!

We all find ourselves from time to time trapped to our to-do list rather than focusing on schedule priorities. You know those things I’m talking about on your to-do list like:

  • water plants
  • make a grocery list
  • vacuum
  • prep dinner

and so we find ourselves prioritizing what’s on our schedule, our lists…watering the plants, making the grocery list…leaving the important things, the true priorities to the wayside.

True Priorities:

To schedule priorities, we need to first know what…

Already feel behind when you see others are ahead? Read this post to start where you and know you are destined for greatness.

Before I started my first business, I admit I was scared. Starting something new that I had never done before seemed both impossible and overwhelming. “Start where you are” -old me would’ve come back with, “But I’m not anywhere!”

Start Where You Are:

For all of us starting anything…a new job, a house project, a healthier lifestyle we can feel already behind. When we look at our social accounts and listen to podcasts, it seems like everyone…

Where are you in your growth cycle? We all have various seasons of our life where we emerge from something and grow. Read to find out.

Anyone in a creative field knows the creative growth process is a finicky thing. One can’t always just sit down and write a book or pick up a guitar and write a whole song. It’s certainly magical when it happens like that, but there are other times where we are at a particular stage of our growth cycle that requires patience with the process.

Of course, a growth cycle is for anyone, not only…

Start manifesting what you really want and say goodbye to that scarcity mindset! Give yourself the gift of enough.

Oh, Oprah…always giving us amazing words of wisdom that we are thankful for! With this week being Thanksgiving, I’m going to shower you with posts of being thankful today, Wednesday, and Friday, so look out!

It’s like that saying that some see the glass half full and some see it as half empty.

Are you more of a pessimist or an optimist? Or does it depend?

There’s always a gray area…like if you are having a bad day, it’s easier to…

Are you building walls between you and your dreams? Start prepping now for a better you! No excuses, your dreams are waiting!

It’s time to dismantle those walls between yourself and your dreams! Hold onto your vision and start making it a reality.

Our Walls

Hard to believe, but we do build our own walls. Sometimes a wall can be an excuse. An excuse could look like something we create to avoid people, a difficult conversation, self-sabotage from ourselves because we feel we don’t deserve something (that we may actually want).

What walls have you created in the past?


Don’t be afraid to move past your fear to let your gifts shine. You were meant for more. Read the post to learn how to overcome self-sabotage.

Some of us go as far as to create a list of certain goals we wish to accomplish. Although it’s nice to look forward to, we can get stuck in our heads, using our time to develop a fear of failing before we take the first step.

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you and dive into our inspirational quote that suggests your deepest fear is your inner light…

Fear Itself:


Amy Nolan

Life & Executive Business Coach, Therapist, and Entrepreneur who helps you design the life you want.☀️

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